Benefits of online marketing

It is undisputed that online marketing has become the leading tool in business promotion and branding. Several factors have made internet marketing the best marketing tool in the world. You can well use the internet to market your business by hiring an expert to design the marketing package and strategy for you. This will help you to reach out to more clients in a professional way. There are countless advantages of marketing your trade through the internet.

The following are some of the top benefits of online marketing


The use of internet in carrying out promotional campaigns is relatively cheap than most marketing tools. Most people that use traditional ways of advertising their business like newspapers an radios pay much yet the information is limited. You pay according to the space you use or the number of words used in the advert. This is much more expensive because online marketing does not limit your space.

Easy to track

Online marketing is quite easy to track. You can track all the characters and how the campaigns are performing. You can as well see the number of people your message has reach reached, unlike traditional means whereby not everybody buys a newspaper or listen to a given channel. When you run an ad on the internet, you can see the number of clicks done by various clients and other associate impressions. You are also able to know the amount of traffic that is generated.

Easy for joint ventures

A joint venture is the coming together of two companies so that you can assist each other in making money. Through the online marketing, you can have a partner for you by setting up an affiliate program. There are several sites where you can signup and start your campaigns. This transaction rests on the commission rate which is on the autopilot whereby you get sales, new clients, and even more traffic. This is a great deal because affiliate programs have the job done on your behalf.

Long-term exposure

Unlike other traditional marketing tools, the use of the internet is advantageous because the campaigns run for a long period without losing value. Through keyword optimization, your search engine campaigns run for quite a long period. People can see even campaigns that were intensive five years ago. You do not have to keep on repeating the same message every time. The use of online marketing helps to keep the message exposed for long.

Brand engagement

Nowadays, the market is flooded. This the reason as to why most businesses prefer to make their brands to stand out. You cannot remain relevant when you do your marketing campaigns using local tools. Having social media accounts and more importantly a working website, you will be able to retain the loyal clients by associating your services with your brand. Regular quality updates make the brands relevant, and in turn, you win more clients.


The use of the internet in marketing helps you to pass your message in a way that you prefer to reach out to new clients and retain your regular clients. This is the reason why online marketing is most preferred currently. You can customize your messages in a way that you are contented that it will be effective. You can as well send personalized emails to your clients.…


Welcome To Bioquip – biological equipment specialists

Bioquip supply a range of the equipment for amateur and professional ecologist and naturalist. Products include the popular Schwegler Wood Crete Nest-boxes, moth traps, nets, pond-dipping equipment, bat detectors, lamps and generators.

Schwegler nest boxes
We have been so impressed with the quality of the Schwegler boxes that we supply them as part of the nature conservation mitigation packages we offer local authorities and other clients. We carry all the popular models in stock, but are able to obtain any product in Schwegler range.

Nest boxes are one of the most effective ways of helping birds, bats and insects. The loss of mature trees and lack of natural sites means that finding nesting sites is becoming increasingly difficult for some species. Provision of nest boxes in gardens and woodlands is an easy and fun way to help.

Schwegler boxes offer the ultimate in nest-box design. Made from a mix of sawdust, concrete and clay, they are impervious to weather and marauding predators and also have excellent insulation properties. In addition they are rot proof and have an anticipated life of 25 years or more.


Flat pack self-assembly nest boxes
Our timber nest boxes are available in a Flat Pack Form with all the parts such as nails and plastic included along with mounting ties. We use 18mm exterior grade plywood. Entrance and mounting holes are pre-drilled removing the need for power tools or saws. All boxes come pre-treated and include assembly instructions.


Moth Traps
Our moth traps come complete with electrics wired up ready to use once you have added a 13amp plug. All electrics are supplied in an IP56 waterproof control box. We offer “Skinner” type, Robinson, Heath and the new Johnson Traps.

Skinner Traps are manufactured from exterior grade plywood and receive one coat each of primer and undercoat and two coats of gloss paint prior to despatch.

Robinson Traps are the traditional design and offer the ultimate trap for capture retention.

Heath Traps are ideal for use when trapping away from a mains supply as they operate off a 12v power supply.

The new Johnson Traps are extremely lightweight, made from a fine mesh and supported by metal rods – they are ideal for overseas travel.

Bioquip will be at the following events during 2004. If you have any particular requirements please contact us.

June 5th and 6th Wildlife and Photographic Fair Brandon Marsh, Nr Coventry

July 10th and 11th Juniper Hall, Surrey, Butterfly Celebration Weekend

August 16th-18th British Birdwatching Fair Rutland, Leicestershire

At some of these events we will be operating light traps, with catches available for inspection in the mornings. Pheromone lures will also be operated at Brandon Marsh and Juniper Hall for Clearwings.…